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Rainbow International, Canterbury provide a full range of services that are commonly known as Extreme Cleaning. Our range of Extreme Cleaning Services includes Void Properties Cleaning, Rubbish Removal, Bio-Hazardous Waste Removal & Disposal, Guano Cleaning, Fire & Flood Restoration and many more.

Extreme Cleaning or Xtreme Cleaning as it is often known is a recently used terminology for specialist cleaning.

The task of Trauma Scene Cleaning includes decontamination and the removal of blood and bodily fluids which involves a high level of skill and training. Most of the jobs which come under the category of Extreme Cleaning include the cleaning of rubbish, grime and waste which is not the case with Trauma Scene Cleaning where, ultimately what we are cleaning was once part of a human being and not dirt and grime and has to be treated with both respect and compassion.

Trauma Scene Cleaning, removing blood stains from a carpet

The removal of filth, grease and grime in the remediation of hoarder homes and squats to a habitable state. In this Extreme Cleaning Service our staff use their proven expertise and experience to remediate properties that have been left in some of the worst conditions imaginable. Our property remediation Extreme Cleaning Service is commonly used by our Landlord and Housing Association clients to clean void properties of all types and sizes as well as commercial buildings.

Waste Management and Rubbish Removal Service both Domestic and Commercial. We are fully registered and licensed by the Environment Agency to produce and carry waste.
bacterial viral chemical cleaning

Our Rubbish Removal Service specialises in the fast effective clearance of rubbish from either domestic properties or commercial sites. Our experienced technicians use effective procedures to clear rubbish quickly and efficiently from even the worst affected areas.

We carry out in-depth risk assessments, use fully-documented cleaning procedures, record removal and disposal processes to both legal and Health and Safety requirements and are fully-insured - ensuring that both ourselves and our clients have made every reasonable effort to protect others from harm resulting from the bio-hazardous contamination or infection of an area.

Using extensive cleaning procedures for the safe removal and disposal of Pigeon Guano. We provide a full Guano Cleaning Service and with years of experience in dealing with Guano site situations our extensive cleaning, remediation and sanitising procedures will enable us to fully recover areas that have been affected by pigeon contamination.

Extreme Cleaning following a flood

Restoration of properties after flood including sewage treatment, clearing debris and removal of contaminated materials. At Rainbow International, Canterbury we have a 24 hour emergency Flood Restoration Extreme Cleaning service our BDMA qualified technicians have over 20 years experience in the restoration of properties after flood damage. The procedures that we use will quickly and effectively lead to the removal of water, mould and mildew and quickly get the property back into an inhabitable state.

Extreme Cleaning following a flood at a property
Charred kitchen in a house gutted by fire - Extreme Cleaning
Extreme Cleaning following a fire

Restoration of properties after fire damage. In our fire restoration Extreme Cleaning Services our trained technicians have a wealth of experience and expertise in the restoration of properties affected by soot damage and carbon damage after fire. Our BDMA qualified operatives are professionally trained in fire damage, pre-inspection and trained, skilled and experienced in a variety of specialist techniques and approaches to fire restoration and the remediation of fire damaged items.

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